Es9281ac pro vs cs43131 The KA1 is the entry level DAC dongle from FiiO which is equipped with a single ESS ES9281AC PRO DAC chip that can do 45mW/32Ω so it is less powerful than the DC03 Pro but it supports MQA decoding and is. . Yes the sound will be better if you use a proper dac amp but it's. . . . . The amplifying section had some overhaul as well. Employed in the KA1 is the ES9281AC PRO chip from ESS, which combines a USB audio interface, DAC, and. . HIFI DAC PRO -. >Available Jan 6, 2022 · Due to the rise of Hires online music playback platforms such as Apple Music Hires/ Tidal, dongle products with Hi-res decoding function have gradually become one of the must-haves of portable HIFI. However, it doesn't support DSD which says to me the implementation is still too lacking quality (which would also be evidenced by the presumably 2-layer PCB I think you would find). CS46L41 tilted towards organic timbre, JM20 less so. Also has the form factor you're looking. The Mountain has dimensions of 30×14. CS43131 is a 32-bit DAC with an integrated high-fidelity headphone amplifier. . ESS USB audio solutions combine the legendary sound quality of ESS SABRE® DACs with easy-to-use solutions for headsets and dongles. Dòng này định hướng vào phân khúc khách hàng audiophile chuyên nghiệp và thiết bị phòng thu. .

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